About Us

The struggle for a new state for the domicile people of Jharkhand had started soon after independence, however it was formalised only in 1999 through legislation in the parliament. The new state of Jharkhand was finally carved out of erstwhile Bihar on 14 Nov 2000. The creation of a new state was coincidental with dawn of a new company in the field of construction and infrastructure, the


Sri DB Roy, the founder was the bedrock of the company. Backed by his forty years of experience in the field, he was able add new dimensions to growth pyramid, not only in Jharkhand, but also in the neighbouring states of Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. He has, over the years, been able to carve a niche for himself and the company, through his immense knowledge, wisdom, experience and hardwork in diverse areas in the field of construction. Be it schools, colleges and hostels or chapels,churches and bell towers, be it convents, residential buildings and formation homes or hospitals, dispensaries and medicare units, the company, under his leadership, has emerged to be a singular beacon in the rural, semi-rural as well as urban areas of Jharkhand and adjacent states.

Today the company with Sri DB Roy as it’s Director, offers consultancy and execution services in a range of diverse construction and infrastructural requirements including landscaping, interiors and turnkey projects, to a variety of consumers from individuals to established organisations. The arduous journey of Sri Roy in this line over the last forty six years is a legend in itself. Backed by the zeal, enthusiasm and energy of Mr Soumit Roy, who joined the company in 2008,